Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ayp Holdings, Inc Job Vacancies

Company description:
AYP HOLDINGS, INC is an organized structure created to consolidate the growing businesses of proprietor Albert Y. Pingoy and to manage, finance and audit the existing nine businesses under one entity.
It also provides Human Resource Management and services to each company and supply the marketing needs of all companies through cross marketing selling and looking for fresh resources and opportunities thereby leaving the each business units to focus on its operations.


1. Laundry processor/Driver
The Laundry Processor/Driver is responsible for maintaining laundry rooms and linen supply room in a neat, clean, orderly condition. Perform a variety of tasks to facilitate the efficient flow of laundry through the laundry process Laundry Driver will be responsible for coordinating customers laundry delivery and pick up items.

2.Custodian/Records Clerk 
The Custodian/ Records Clerk
*Process applications and file records.
*Maintain updated files.
*Answer queries by searching and retrieving files.
*Update file information.
*Process all incoming and outgoing correspondence.
*Perform data entry.
*Add new files to archives.
*Check to ensure files are complete.
*Aid people in retrieving information.
*Process and scan files to be entered into computer in digital database.
*Work with electronic storage media, such as hard drives, floppy drives, and CD-ROMs.
*Use scanners to convert forms, receipts, and reports into electronic format.
*Fax and photocopy files.
*Store and extract file information from computers.


* Female,23-28 years old
* With pleasing personality
* Graduate of any 4 year course
* With experienced as office clerk
* Willing to render overtime
* Trustworthy

3. Business Unit Manager/ Accounting Head
The Business Manager/ Accounting Head is responsible for managing the Accounting Team in Prestige Boats Corp., & Hydromax, to ensure that work is properly allocated and completed in a timely and accurate manner. She is also responsible for manpower Development, Exercise control of overall personnel in business operation using the authority as Business Manager and company code of conduct or rules and regulations for the development of overall personnel on matters pertinent to work performance, attendance (tardiness and absences), safety, discipline, training, counseling and career planning.

4.Dive Crew/Tour Guide

*Male/ Female
* At least college level
* With pleasing personality
* Willing to work under the heat of the sun
* Willing to be trained and travel to Samal Island

5. Outboard Mechanic Technician
* Male
* With experienced at least 2 years in related field
* Can perform major and specialized mechanical overhaul and repair work on gasoline and marine engines, outboard motors, and related marine equipment and systems using schematic charts and technical manuals.
* Hardworking, and willing to render overtime

6. Internal Auditor-ASAP
* Female/Male
* With at least 1 year of experienced as Auditor
*Excellent in communication skills (verbal & written)
*Excellent in presentation skills
*Possess pleasing personality
* Willing to work under pressure

7. Finance Assistant
•Responsible for processing of Check Vouchers
•Received duly signed cheques and allocate funds for transactions requested by business unit accounting/s
•Provide day- to- day updates of assigned accounts
•Provide regular status reports of check vouchers and assigned accounts to CFO
•Prepare weekly budget depending on the availability of funds on each accounts
•Prepare and allocate budget for monthly remittances (HDMF/SSS/PHIC)
•Collaborate with Finance Executives and HR Coordinators regarding with the payroll, remittances and last pay computation
•Update check books and update cash purchase order in a daily basis
•Participate in updating bank loan payments

*Female, utmost 35 years old
*Accountancy graduate or any accounting related course
*At least 2 years of experienced
* With pleasing personality
*Can work under pressure
*Willing to render overtime

How to apply: send your application to:
Company: Ayp Holdings, Inc
Contact: HR
Phone: (082)300-7695

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