Saturday, August 3, 2013

Medical Transcriptionist- Trainee with Allowance

Company: Reliance Transcription


•Minimum education level of associate degree, vocational or equivalent in work experience and continuing education.
•Good in written and oral communication skills, including English usage, grammar, punctuation, and style.
•Ability to understand diverse accents and dialects and varying dictation styles.
•Ability to operate designated word processing and to work independently with minimal supervision.
•Ability to work under pressure with time constraints.
•Excellent listening skills and eye, hand, and auditory coordination


Resume with Photo
Photocopy of Transcript of Records / Certificates

If you are looking for an opportunity and you meet the qualifications, please forward your resume to, 

Attention: Diomar Alfafara II or you may visit our office bring your resume in a long brown envelop at RELIANCE TRANSCRIPTION, INC., #9 Voyager Street Dona Vicenta Village Davao City, Philippines 8000 (see Google map) 

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