Sunday, May 18, 2014

All Star Content Writer Wanted!

Hey guys & gals,
I'm looking for an amazing writer to help me in building great content for sites. The job is writing articles that are the main homepage content for my sites. These articles will get read a lot and I would like them to be top quality. Experience in copywriting, marketing, conversions, and SEO writing are a plus.
Things I'll need in my Writer
- You've gotta be creative & questioning. If you think of a better way to do something, tell me why your's is better and mine is stupid! Not sure about a step? Ask me immediately. Or, even better, figure it out and then email me your solution for confirmation. If I'm not getting questions about tasks I send you, that is a sure sign that something is wrong. I WANT questions and feedback.

- Must be casual and a friend. While I do want a 'professional relationship' in terms of hustling and getting stuff done on time and creating quickly, I want it to be relaxed and based on a friendship. I want to know what you're passionate about, trade knowledge and cool articles back and forth, etc. Everyone I work with is a friend first...if we don't make good friends, we wont make good partners.
- Must use the words "Green Bamboo" in the second sentence of your application. This is to weed out all those pesky auto-applications.
- Must be able to keep track of and efficiently execute 'Standard Operating Procedures'. So that I can tell you to save an SOP like how to write a sales page or use a keyword software, and then just tell you to follow that process later instead of having to re-explain it. Also, so I can tell you what to do when X happens, so that you perform Y automatically.
- Must be able to get stuff done FAST. I'll sometimes give you a tight deadline. I need to know you can get it done when I'm relying on you.
- Must speak and write fluent English with American-style grammar. Top level english is preferred. These articles will get read a lot.
- Must be able to work full time. I want a dedicated employee that will meet the content quota and deadlines.
- Must have research skills. Will be writing articles on many different subjects and industries. Researching so you know the basics of the industry or product is very important.
-Must be able to handle high volume of writing.
-Hours will be flexible but you will have a weekly quota to meet
-Must be self motivated
-Must LOVE writing
-This is a work from home position, must have your own computer and good internet connection
If we click well together, I would love to be working together years from now. If you are excellent and we stay together, your responsibilities and your pay will increase as your successes grow.
Sound like you? Then I can't wait to talk to you.
To apply email me at Include in the email body a cover letter telling me about you, and attach your resume or CV. Make the email subject "(your Name) davao jobs hiring"

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