Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lubes Warehouseman (Davao) For Seaoil Philippines, Incorporated

Job Summary:
Responsible for Lubes inventory, report, replenishment, receipt, issuance and Outport warehouse operations. And performed other related activities that may be assigned from time to time.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Carries out daily inventory review of the outport's warehouse regarding actual inventory versus book inventory.
2. Prepares and coordinates with supply, PLUB and LLND department regarding replenishment of stocks in his outport storage facilities.
3. Collaborates and submit weekly report to Production Manager with regards to physical inventory of Lubes product.
4. Accomplishes IMMT report of outport warehouse and forward it to SUPP and PLUB department.
5.Ensures that lubes product in the warehouse are properly stored and maintained in good conditions.
6.Performs warehouse activities such as receiving, transferring, and dispatching of lubes product product with its corresponding document such as DR (Delivery receipt)
7. Ensures the continuous availability of stocks in the warehouse and maintain the safety and good housekeeping of the warehouse at all times.
8.Participate in any auditing and inspection of outport warehouses are deem necessary.
9.Prepares various monthly activity reports to keep management advised the status and progress in major areas of concern pertaining to warehouse operations.
10. Checks product receipt against specified trans-shipment requirements.
11. Arrange stocks in their proper location for easy tracking, dispatching and inventory.

Education, Specialized Skills, Knowledge, Experience Needed:
-Must be at least four years college degree holder
-At least one to two years work related experienced specialized in warehousing and knowledge in inventory management.
-Must be computer literate, hardworking and trustworthy person.

Equipment/machinery used:
Personal computer, calculator, safety equipment, portable pallet truck, drum lifter, push cart or trolley.

Company: Seaoil Philippines, Incorporated
Contact Person: Ms. Rachel Bachar
Telephone: (02) 397-1010
Email: rachel_bachar@seaoil.com.ph

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