Friday, January 4, 2013

SEO Writers and Virtual Assistants

As an SEO Writer/VA you will be part of an online enterprise assisting the busy entrepreneur or businessman/woman in many functions in their business.
SEO Writer Qualifications• Efficient
• Self-motivated
• Organized
• A Good Communicator
• IT literate ( Great at MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
• Manage and source resources and conduct research
• Well informed and internet savvy
• Keep up to date with the latest office gadgets and industry practices
• Calm under pressure and capable of thinking on their feet
• Support senior managers, executives and teams
• Capable of competently dealing with situations in the boss’s absence
• Should be confident enough to commission work on their principal's behalf
• Maintaining confidentiality is a fundamental requirement
• Keep abreast of organizational issues and have a good understanding of the organization’s aims and objectives.
Above all, your role is to support her principal in his efforts to reach his targets and deliver on his strategic goals
SEO Writer Duties• Writing search engine optimized press releases
• Communicating with clients via chat and e-mail
• Conducting in-depth research on topics via the Internet
• Ability to write according to client’s industry
• Inserting keywords and hyperlinks in appropriate places in copy
• Strict adherence to deadlines
• Writing search engine optimized Web site content
• Writing interesting, engaging marketing copy for Web pages
• Ability to convey proper writing tone and style according to client’s needs
• Ability to write appropriate content based on client’s industry Continue Reading

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